Wellbeing with DavidE

About DavidE

David Elron is an intuitive life coach, massage therapist, nutritional counselor and an Amanae™ teacher and practitioner. He assists his clients in creating positive transformation that leads to sustainable progress in their lives.
Originally from Israel, David worked in a New York fashion house when he realized his life was disjointed and unbalanced, so in 2001 he strapped on a backpack and headed to Guatemala. During his travels, he was called to leave behind his hectic life and begin studying massage therapy, life and nutritional couching and Amanae, a restorative bodywork modality. David has been on the path of natural wellness and self-development ever since.
David has over a decade experience assisting his clients in creating positive transformation and sustainable progress in their lives through personal coaching, holistic nutrition and Amanae. In his practice, he works to bring us back to our bodies and emotions and our bodies and emotions back to us. David cultivates an accepting space to encourage honest, nonjudgmental sessions. A session requires the full awareness from both practitioner and participant and can at times be candid, but during your time together David will empower you to re-evaluate and find lasting balance in your life.
David works with clients worldwide and regularly leads workshops. He lives in Antigua, Guatemala with his wife.