Santé Story

David and Amber jumpingSanté opened its doors in 2009 to provide a holistic approach to emotional and physical healing, nutrition and health.  Our mission is to provide our clients with the tools, knowledge & inspiration necessary to lead full, healthy, happy, and authentic lives.

At Santé, each client is a unique person who receives a personally tailored program created exclusively for them.  Our programs are effective  and solution-oriented offering Nutritional Counseling, Body Cleansing, Emotional Release Bodywork Therapy (Amanae™), Life Coaching, Relationship Therapy, Massage, Energy Work and Counseling.  Each client’s program is specifically developed through an open and supportive dialogue.  Our goal is to help you find real solutions and to offer guidance and ongoing support which will enable you to achieve tangible & positive transformation in your life.

To further promote a healthy way of living, Santé also imports and distributes the leading wellness products available in the market today.  Our high-end products include Sunlighten™ infrared Saunas, Living Earth Carft & Earthlite Spa & massage equipment, Stirwand™ Body Hydration Improvement and others.

All our products are personally tested, used and endorsed by us.

We at Santé warmly welcome you to Health Inspired Living!