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Our Ozone Generators brings the purifying benefits of nature’s gift to you!

Ozone-O3Ozone (O3) or trioxygen, is a triatomic molecule, consisting of three oxygen atoms. It is an allotrope of oxygen that is much less stable than the diatomic allotrope (O2), breaking down with a half life of about half an hour in the lower atmosphere, to normal dioxygen. Ozone is a powerful oxidant (far more so than dioxygen) and has many industrial and consumer applications related to oxidization.

  • Ozone kills bacteria, viruses, molds, mildew, spores, and cysts.
  • Ozone eliminates chemical contaminants such as aldehydes which can be emitted from paneling, carpets, insulation, paints, stains, and plastics.
  • Ozone eliminates odors from cigarettes, cigars, pets, diapers, mildews, musty/stale smells, airborne molds, food, locker rooms, shoes and boots, human scent and more!

The amazing qualities of Ozone occur naturally and have been occurring since the beginning of time. Some of these occurrences you may know about, others may pleasantly surprise you. The Ozone layer in the upper atmosphere protects us and our planet from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. In the lower atmosphere, closer to Earth, the water we drink, air we breathe and the food we eat are naturally purified and sanitized by Ozone. Ozone is proven to be one of the most effective and safe methods to remove antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal activity.

The History of Ozone

Ozone, sometimes called active oxygen, is comprised of three atoms of oxygen. Ozone is a natural purifier and one of nature’s basic elements. Ozone is produced in nature when the ultraviolet rays of the sun strike oxygen molecules. When this occurs high in the atmosphere it creates what we know as the “ozone layer”. Because the oxygen molecules absorb the sun’s energy, living things on earth are protected from the damaging and potentially cancer-causing rays of the sun. Nature also produces ozone near the earth’s surface, especially during a thunderstorm, when lightning flashes. The sweet, fresh smell after a thunderstorm is ozone.
Ozone will destroy viruses, bacteria, and virtually all other forms of microbes; it also breaks down chemical contaminants. It does this in both air and water and does it without the use of chemicals or additives of any kind!

Ozone’s use as a water purifier was discovered in the late 1800’s in the Netherlands. Its first large-scale use was in Nice, France where it was used to purify drinking water. Today, more than thirty countries use ozone systems to purify drinking water. In addition, most of the world’s bottled water plants use ozone as part of their water purification process

Ozone Molecule DiagramOzone is also gaining tremendous popularity as an air purifier throughout the world. Our homes and offices can be a source of environmental pollution. The EPA estimates that indoor pollution causes tens of thousands of illnesses each year, and many more from contaminated water. Ozone is most effective to purify air and water.

Ozone is clearly superior to virtually all other forms of purification. When you use the AQUA-6, you won’t have to purchase or store any chemical or purification materials or change any filters. Everything you need is generated within the small, lightweight AQUA-6 unit. All this, for just pennies a day.

  • Potable drinking/camping water
  • Fruit and vegetable rinsing
  • Food and cooking utensils
  • Hot tub/spa
  • Bath water
  • Baby bottle washing
  • Water tower
  • Office air treatment
  • Home air treatment
  • Removes mold and odor in basements,
  • Removes food odor such as onion, spices, burnt oil, etc. in kitchen
  • Kills bacteria in water and air
  • Ozonates olive oil or other oils in liquid form
  • In large and small fish tank, make water crystal clear
  • Air treatment, kills bacteria and pollen
  • Aquarium, makes water crystal clear
  • Removes smoke and smoke odor right away
  • Doctor and dental office application, removes bio film and sanitizes water
Air Treatment

AIR TREATMENT USES Ozone Purifier can be used to destroy airborne odors caused by such things as wet carpet, basement mold and mildew, pet odor, pollen, smoke odor, chemical odor, paint odor and fire damage. Simply use the timer settings on the Purifier to select the duration of ozone treatment. Avoid placing the diffuser stone at the end of the ozone supply tube too close to metallic or rubber objects as high levels of ozone will oxidize these objects.
WARNING: Long term inhalation of high concentrations of ozone gas in the air can cause nasal and/or lung irritation. When using this unit for air treatment purposes, it is recommended that it be operated in unoccupied spaces.

Ozone & VegetablesTreatment of Fruits & Vegetables

The shelf life of fruits and vegetables can be extended by ozone treatment. Not only will they keep a more attractive appearance, but they will also taste fresh! To help keep your produce fresh, fill your sink with water and place the AQUA-6 Purifier’s dispersion stone 2 to 4 inches deep in sink. Place the vegetables and/or fruit to be treated in the water and operate the AQUA-6 Purifier for 15 minutes (Average sized sinks should be half-full).

Treatment of Food & Cooking utensils

Since ozone kills bacteria and viruses, it can aid in the destruction of bacteria found on raw foods, meat, vegetables, fruit and cooking utensils. , For example, soaking uncooked chicken parts in ozone treated water will help retard the growth of salmonella. For best results, follow the same procedure described above for produce. For utensils, rinse off food debris and treat in clean water with ozone for fifteen minutes.

Water treatment

Our Ozone Purifiers can be used to purify water in emergency storage, spas, bathtubs, fountains, and wading pools. It can also be used to purify drinking water from well sources or city water supplies, remove undesirable tastes, chemicals, odors and colors caused by iron, copper, manganese, chlorine and organic chemicals such as pesticides, and herbicides. Do not use water from a source that is questionable such as stagnant pool of water or the like. Ozone removes excess minerals including iron, manganese, and lead, as well as radon and sulfur gases.

Disinfect Tooth Brush, Dentures, etc.

A simple way to promote gum health and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and microorganisms is to soak your toothbrush in ozonated water for at least 3 minutes before or after each use. That’s all it takes to get rid of the “bad guys”, germs and bacteria found on most toothbrushes; many of which will not simply go away with hot water. As a matter of fact, ozonated water can be used to disinfect utensils, contact lens cases, children toys, toilet bowls or anything that needs to be 100% bacteria and microorganism free.

Gargle for Gum Health & to Prevent Bad Breath

Gargling with ozonated water every day is a great way of promoting good health. Brushing your teeth and then gargling with ozonated water is a simple yet powerful way of promoting good health. A side benefit, say goodbye to bad breath and say hello to clean fresh breath! Gargling with ozonated water kills the microorganisms that lead to bad breath.

Remove Second Hand Smoke and Odors

Smokers need ozone! Second hand smoke penetrates all kinds of surfaces and settles on them. Ozone oxidizes those harmful substances found in second hand smoke; even surfaces damaged by cigarette or cigar smoke. You don’t have to smoke however to reap the benefits of this ozonator. Simply passing through a smoky bar can saturate your clothing with second hand smoke. Ozone will remove the second hand smoke odors from clothing (actually oxidizes them) which in turn can save you money on dry cleaning. Simply make an Ozone box, place your smoky garments inside, and saturate them with ozone for 20 minutes for Presto! Clean, fresh smelling clothing.

Spa & Pool Treatment

The AQUA-6 Purifier can be used on spas, hot tubs, and wading pools up to 1,000 gallons, allowing you to reduce the chemical usage significantly. You will never need to put up with dry skin, red eyes, faded suits, or green hair again! Ozone is pH neutral, so it will not adversely affect the acid/alkaline balance of your water. It is more cost effective than traditional chemicals and leaves no undesirable smell or taste.