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“Hi David,
After thinking about what to write I finally came up with the following;

Amanae™ has opened many doors inside myself which were half opened though not fully opened… Through the work I have been able to discover inside me treasures that were buried deep inside almost forgotten. As a practitioner, David Elron has given me the closeness to confide in him to proceed to level of letting go which I thought were not possible. He has guided me and made me feel completely secure not only in the process but in the results. Working with David has unlocked the complete potential within me and through self-confidence I have been able to achieve my life’s dreams.

Don’t wait, act NOW and unlock the beautiful dreams waiting to come alive!”

S.D. • Guatemala • Dec 2011

“Hello David,
I have been so thrilled and happy about the session on Sunday! I had no idea it was going to be so powerful! way much more than I expected!
My excitement have left me speechless, so I’ve been quietly taking it all in.
Oh yes, I think that some physical healing took place as well, because my right elbow was very sore from tendonitis for many months and suddenly stopped hurting that day.
Till next time, with a thankful heart”

S.U. • Oxford, CT • March 2010

About ten months ago, I went through a breakup of a seven-year relationship and the death of my dear brother at the same time. For the first few months, I tried to cope by working almost non-stop on a project, and filling every minute of every day to avoid dealing with the reality of my loss.
When the project ended, so did the diversion, and my world and life as I knew it collapsed beneath me as the reality of the events set in. Getting out of bed became difficult, sometimes staying there for days and isolating from those close to me. Turning to drinking and self-medicating only worsened my depression. Simple things like walking became difficult, every step was an effort, and every breath was arduous. I was stuck, paralyzed and didn’t want to continue living. Without telling friends or family members of my destination, I boarded a flight to Guatemala, feeling compelled to go there as if the country was calling my name. My first night in the there I came across David’s Website while surfing the web and read about his Amanae therapy and itʼs untraditional and handʼs on approach to healing and well being. Having never considered therapy and feeling a bit skeptical, I nonetheless contacted David the next day and made an appointment. My therapy with him over the next two months proved to be challenging, at times painful, but ultimately life changing, and even life saving. Working with Amanae therapy and with David as my guide, I discovered that the painful and dark place in which I entered months ago was not due solely to my brother’s passing or the breakup of my relationship, but rather because of a lifetime of unfinished emotional business, a void of spirituality and lack of self love. David not only helped me heal from painful events of the past, but just as important I learned the beauty of living life in the present, embracing my higher power, loving myself and moving on with my life. You see originally I thought that I had come to Guatemala to run from my problems, to hide from the world and from myself, yet the opposite became true.

Thank you David.

“Dear David, Writing a testimonial to describe my experience and voyage with Amanae and with you as my guide, proved to be quite a challenge.
“How do I put into words my journey of the past several months?”, I thought. “How do I describe where I was, and where I am today and how I got here?” Without writing War and Peace?… or without sounding like, “It worked for me and it could work for you too! Call now!”
Not an easy task, but an important one.
And so one night here in Medellin….finally being alone with my thoughts at 2am, I allowed my heart to speak…and the words came.
I am very touched that you choose to share my letter with Amber. What you both do is important and life changing. Hopefully my testimonial will help others seek guidance and resolution not just from their own problems of past and present, but how your therapy can help all of us enrich our lives and appreciate our abundance…and the beauty of living heaven on earth.
Thanks for what you do, and for what you did dear David.”

C.C. • Miami, FL • Dec 2011

“I want to thank you for your kindness, sincerity, and guidance. I know that by meeting and working with you, I took many steps toward finding myself and my happiness again. Of course the road isn’t over, but I definitely feel that I will get there soon.”

C.S. • Antigua, Guatemala • Dec 2008

“David has spent the last 6 months working on a dear friend of mine who suffered a traumatic loss when we were younger. He has been suffering from this loss for that past 20 years. After a few sessions with David he has spiritually and emotionally grown leaps and bounds. I cannot thank David enough for his help with my friend nor can I tell enough people about his amazing work.”

A.O. • NYC, NY • Jan 2009

“Thank you for the session yesterday. It was like nothing I have ever experienced. I slept like a baby last night almost 9 hours. This is so strange for me! I would like to see you again the next time you visit and see where these sessions take me. Thank you again for providing such a comfortable environment.”

A.U. • NYC, NY • Jan 2009

“I am great, feeling good, feeling lighter and even more positive than usual. It was an experience like no other I’ve ever experienced. I think I gave birth to something that afternoon! It was great meeting you and hope to have our paths cross in the future. I will pass on your info to others.”

D.S. • NYC, NY • Jan 2009

“Hi David,
I hope this email finds you well. Thank You for following up on how I’m doing, I am actually doing well, I have been feeling more at peace, I also find myself to have a little more patience with almost everything, and that is good for me!! I have been following the breathing techniques whenever I come across aggravation or anger (especially at work) I do know that just like you said, things were not going to change in the blink of an eye, but with time. The good thing is that I do see some changes and hope to continue to see thing change for the positive. Again thank you for following up.”

D.J. • Oxford, CT • Jan 2009

“My good friend and amazing healer will be coming to NYC several times this Winter. I am so excited to get to share with you his gifts of emotional healing. Please feel free to pass this info along to anyone. Amanae is an amazingly quick and accelerated form of healing”

L.R. • Los Angeles, CA • Dec 2008