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Best Massage Ever With DavidE

Best Massage Ever With DavidE – La Antigua Guatemala

Massage therapy is a powerful ally in your wellness program

Massage may well be the oldest and simplest form of medical care. Paintings of people giving and receiving massage have been found in Egyptian tombs. The ancient Greeks and Romans used massage as a primary form of medical treatment and the Chinese had documented the benefits of massage as far back as 3,000BC.

Massage, or body therapy as it is also known, is a natural instinct. The benefits of touch have, it seems, always been known to man and appear across all cultures right around the world.

Massage is known to provide relief from pain, anxiety, stress and even insomnia. It can be stimulating or soothing; it can provide a context for recovery by inducing a sense of wellbeing.

Triger Point Massage Therapy with DavidE

Triger Point Massage Therapy with DavidE – La Antigua Guatemala

Massage therapy is about trust, respect, connection and healing. It is a wonderful way to regain contact and control of your body, find relief and comfort from pain and to maintain good health and a sense of wellbeing.

At Santé and Wellbeing with DavidE we will do everything possible to make sure you benefit enormously from massage on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

While even a single massage session can enhance positive health benefits, massage therapy is cumulative; so the more you have, the healthier you will feel. For this reason, we offer our regular clients a membership plan, allowing you access to the ongoing health benefits of massage. Our various membership plans range from monthly to weekly treatments. Please contact us for further information. Additional therapies are also offered at a discounted rate to our regular clients.

David is a certified massage therapist and has over 10 years of experience as a skilled massage therapist. He has expertise in trigger point massage therapy, deep-tissue and Swedish massage.

“A massage for me is a sacred experience, where another human being trusts in my hands, the (w)holiness of his/her body and being. I always treat the session with reverence, knowing the profound healing potential that resides within this rite” – DavidE

For all his treatments, David uses the best therapy equipment available: heated “Earthlite” massage table, with extra layers of luxuriously soft plush fleece, and 100% cotton flannel sheets. David uses Imported, high quality organic essential and carrier oils and he also provides soft music and candles to create a completely relaxing, comfortable & nurturing environment, whether it is in one of his clinics or at the convenience of his clients house/hotel room.

So what are you waiting for: contact us to treat yourself to the best massage ever!


  • “The most blissful experience. This was the most decadent, luxurious massage I have ever had. I loved all the wonderful smelling natural oils, the candle light and the relaxing music you brought with you. I feel like I am inhabiting a new body, I feel so relaxed. Thank you David!”

    R.R., Geneva, Switzerland
    Jan 2009
  • “Thank You for the most Amazing massage I've ever experienced. After many massages in many different parts of the world I appreciate the experience today as an experience of the body and spirit. Many, Many Thanks!”

    B.O., Palo Alto, CA
    Sept. 2008
  • “Seeing David regularly for a few years now, every session, every massage is always like a new yet familiar experience, I call it massage but in reality it much more; It is a profound healing experience.”

    S.P., Guatemala City
    July 2007
  • “David,
    I wanted to say thank you again for an amazing massage. I came in full of anxiety (normal self) & left completely in bliss. My entire self slowed down & I actually felt elevated. I even treated myself by not turning on my cell until this morning on the way to work. I wonder where all my blocked energy goes...I hope not to you! Again, thanks and safe travels. See you the next time your in NY.”

    B.C., NYC
    June 2009
  • “You have a strong yet sensitive touch. I will know more in the hours and days ahead the full impact of your work. That said I sense the result will be of great benefit to my body and well being. I have had bodywork / healing work throughout the planet and worked with what I would consider several masters and pros. Your work is right up there, BRAVO!”

    D.F., NYC
    Jan 2009
  • “My body has never felt this relaxed! (and I have had a LOT of massages)
    David, you truly have healing hands.
    Many thanks!”

    C.S., NYC
    May 2009
  • “David,
    So many massages I have had in my life - David you are the best. And it gets better all the time. It’s soothing and relaxing but takes you out of this world into another dimension. I have gotten spoiled to the point that other massages don’t meet the standards David has set. Thanks - you completely relax and take all worries away.”

    M.B., Guatemala City
    Jan 2009
  • “David,
    Several years ago my wife and I were in Antigua, Guatemala and at the ‘Lion's inn’ you gave us the best massage ever. EVER!
    We will be in Antigua and were wondering if by chance you were still there and still doing the same business? We have bragged on your skills for several years and we are interested.”

    Dr. D.C., Seymour, TN
    June 2008
  • “Querido David,
    Gracias por hacerme sentir tan completa, rosa y feliz después de tu tratamiento. Es como estar conectado directamente con mi Maestro ‘Choa Kok Sui’ y Dios en una nube rosado y no quiero bajar! Gracias, Gracias, Gracias!
    Sigue aprendiendo tu y yo también haré lo mismo pero seguir mereciendo esta gran Bendición en mi vida.”

    R.G., Guatemala City
    Oct 2008
  • “It was The Best Massage I ever had!
    Thank You David, You have an ‘Angel Hands’.”

    M.G., Portugal
    Oct 2008
  • “David,
    Your superb sensitivity of touch leads energies to where they are needed to release years of tensions and restore strengths.
    You have a remarkable Gift. I feel fortunate to benefit from it. Thank You”

    K.V., La Antigua, Guatemala
    Aug 2010
  • “David,
    Your superb sensitivity of touch leads energies to where they are needed to release years of tensions and restore strengths.
    You have a remarkable Gift. I feel fortunate to benefit from it. Thank You”

    K.V., La Antigua, Guatemala
    Aug 2010
  • “Dear David, This was my first massage in a long time, and what a wonderful experience it was. I only wish you were closer to my home. Thank You for my ‘Reawakening’.”

    S.O., West Hollywood, CA
    Dec 2009