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Wellbeing with DavidE

Six-Month Practitioner Training Program
May 1st – November 11th, 2017  |  La Antigua, Guatemala

school-of-amanae-logoLead teacher David Elron,  endorsed By Christine Day (Founder of Amanae & Frequencies of Brilliance) and it includes a 13 day FOB Stage 1 Practitioner Training Program thought by Alisa Logan.

Is Amanae calling you?

Are you called to become an Amanae Practitioner,  is this something your heart is telling you that it is yours to do….?

I would assume that if you are reading this lines some of this is true for you, there is some part of you that called you here to this page and still it might be just curiosity.

becoming a Certified Amanae Practitioner is not just about choosing a profession it is about choosing a path of life.  Amanae at is basics is a multidimensional bodywork healing modality, but in actuality it is much more it is a way of being, a way of living.  It is about coming back to yourself, reconnecting with you body in a whole new way, it is about allowing the passion and wisdom that resides within you to be the leading forces that moves and lead you in life.  it is about reconnecting with your heart calling and allowing it to guide you each and every day.  It is about you, just being you as you are, the light and the dark, the wise and the not so wise, the adult and the inner child it is about integration of all the parts that make you the unique and amazing individual that you are.  It is about being REAL, Authentic, and it is about showing up fully in each and every moment – Amanae in Action, embodying your practice.

As an Amanae practitioner you will hold space and invite others to come into their own bodies, to journey within and encounter the most profound, deeper and sometimes darkest (or at least the part they perceive as such) aspects of their being.  To truly be able to do so, you must embody this invitation, you must be willing to do the same as you hold space for them and I will also say that you should have have had similar experience in exploring the deepest aspects of yourself.

It is my opinion that in order to truly practice Amanae one must live Amanae; Your life must become what I call “Amanae in Action”!

I for myself hold this as a standard for my life, I wake up each and every day with the intention to be Amanae

In the six-month training program you will immerse yourself into the teaching of Amanae, into learning about yourself.  You will learn the technique, the specific point and how  

in allowed yourself to have 


Cer Amanae live-in intensive workshop is an extraordinary opportunity for authentic transformation.

Working with Amanae in a group setting and with a Team of Practitioners greatly expands the healing potential of the work. Over these 6 days doorways throughout the physical and energetic dimensional bodies are opened allowing the body to release old trauma and tiredness of life. As the burdens are dropped, you begin to resurrect …yourself and to anchor the highest aspects of your light into this body. It is a deep transformational journey which can bring a new sense of freedom, love and acceptance for yourself and others.

AMANAE assists you with coming into a graceful new awareness of self. We honor and respect your pace of progress throughout your workshop experience. Other participants in the AMANAE 6 day workshop have said their experience has led them to living more fulfilling and balanced lives, with a newly inspired and profound peace in their hearts.

For more information about the school or to apply and register to the practitioner training program please Contact us today.


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