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We at Santé are exceptionally proud to bring our customers the absolute best in Infrared Sauna technology.
SunlightenTM Sauna is a Global Leader in sauna technology and is found in over 2,000 commercial locations worldwide.  We at Santé, (Sunlighten Guatemala) support medical and health practitioners, as well as our home and commercial customers, with exceptional service and Sunlighten’s high-quality, clinically-proven, far-infrared and full-spectrum infrared therapy saunas.  At Santé, it would be our pleasure to introduce you to the incredible health benefits of infrared therapy and to help you select the perfect model for your home, office, hotel, spa, or other business.

Sunlighten offer 3 different sauna technology options:
  • mPulseSolocarbon® full-spectrum infrared heating panels
  • Signature SeriesSolocarbon® far-infrared heating panels
  • Solo SystemSolocarbon® far-infrared heating panels

The mPulse Series
mPulse Series

The mPulse Series is a luxurious, energy-efficient masterpiece of sauna craftsmanship.  The mPulse Series represents the world’s first Smart Sauna with biofeedback technology.  Sleek, luxurious and beautiful.  Choose from the 1-person model up to the ultimate 6-person model; there is absolutely nothing else like this!  Experience the best.

Features unique patented Solocarbon® Full Spectrum infrared heating technology with the ability to capture and measure heart rate and calories burned.  Sustainable FSC-certified wood and carbonized bamboo heater covers make this the greenest sauna on the market!

  • Clinical grade, unparalleled full-spectrum infrared heaters (near-, mid- and far-infrared)
  • Commercially approved for continual use
  • Controlled by 7″ LCD touch screen and DVD
  • Removable floating benches for stretching and yoga
  • Fully comprehensive warranty for home users and for commercial use
The Signature® Series
Signature Series
The safest and most effective far infrared sauna on the market with Solocarbon® technology – the ONLY far infrared technology clinically shown to lower blood pressure, increase core temperature and aid in weight loss plus many more exclusives…

  • Solocarbon® far infrared technology proven effective with 95% emissivity
  • Environmentally approved for safety with safe, ultra low EMF technology
  • Magne-Seal™ assembly process offers much more than easy set up
  • Beautiful craftsmanship and solid wood construction is made to last a lifetime
  • SO Sound Therapy option plus taller, deeper benches for ultimate relaxation
  • 7-year warranty
The Solo System
Solo System

As the most cost effective clinical grade far-infrared sauna option, Sunlighten’s Solo System is widely used in clinics and Spas, as well as in the home.  The exclusive Solocarbon® heaters, double-dome design and Solo Pad allow you to focus far-infrared heat where you need it most.  Massage table or support base available.

  • Portable and lightweight domes slide together for compact storage
  • 360 degree surround heat.
  • Domes and base pad are fully lined with Solocarbon® far-infrared panels
  • Fully comprehensive warranty

Magne Seal LogoAll cabins feature Sunlighten’s patented Magne-Seal™ technology, making installation literally a snap! This unique magnetic assembly prolongs cabin life by allowing movement in the timber when the sauna heats and cools. Timber naturally expands and contracts due to changes in temperature, Magne-Seal™ technology prevents any cracking or warping of the wood.

FSC-certified wood is wood that is certified under the standards set by FSC or the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC is a non-profit organization that advocates responsible management of the world’s forests and its standards ensure that forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible way that takes into account economic viability, and social responsibility. The FSC label on wood products guarantees that consumers can trust the sources.

All cabins are able to accept optional SO Sound vibrational therapy and Chromo Therapy (color therapy) for deeper relaxation.