Sauna Accessories

Now that you’ve got your sauna

We’ve got products and accessories to make your experience even better. Each product has been carefully selected to ensure that you reach your relaxation and wellness goals. Contact us to learn more about how you can enjoy these additions to your Sunlighten™ sauna. Complete your very own Sunlighten™ day spa with these products:

SO Sound

SO SoundThis groundbreaking technology is the heartbeat within your Sunlighten™ sauna.  SO Sound Therapy amplifies sound waves through the benches of your sauna to harmonize all systems of your body.  Simply attach at specific locations within your Sunlighten™ sauna and relax as sound waves resonate to the surface of your sauna.  Experience a musical massage in your Sunlighten™ sauna as the vibrations of your favorite music send you on a journey of rejuvenation, relaxation and well-being.

SO SoundHeart Technology

Complete your Sunlighten Oasis with these optional extras that will take your health and relaxation journey to a completely different level.

Sunlighten now offers the unique benefits of SO SoundHeart Technology.  This ground breaking technology is the heartbeat within your SunlightenTM sauna!  It uses sounds waves to create a musical massage that harmonises all systems of the body.  Attached at specific locations within your Sunlighten™ sauna, the SO Sound System uses an amplified audio signal to resonate wave to the surface of your sauna.  These waves stimulate the natural relaxation response of the body and mind.

Feeling music helps to provide harmony physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and environmentally by stimulating our senses. The entertainment of our body and mind also expands our awareness.  When we begin to listen and feel the music, we naturally relax into the harmonic flow.



Sunlighten chromotherapyEnjoy the healing benefits of light and color with Chromotherapy in your Sunlighten™ sauna. Humans need the sun’s light, which is broken into seven distinct rays, to live.  If there is an imbalance in these colors within our bodies, it can manifest itself in mental or physical distress.  Chromotherapy is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony.  Each color possesses frequencies of a specific vibration, and each vibration is related to different physical symptoms.  Chromotherapy works on various energy points to help balance your body via the full spectrum of visible light, each color of which addresses a distinct need.

Add another layer of experience to your Sunlighten™ sauna. Chromotherapy lighting is available in our Select and mPulse Series!


Bio-Feedback Accessories

Sunlighten biofeedback
SunlightenTM features the first line of biofeedback accessories – which use ANT technology to wirelessly capture & measure heart rate and calories burned, and provide access to – your personalized wellness website.  Use in conjunction with your SunlightenTM sauna and other exercise regimens.  And with On-Care Intelligent Technology*, you’ll enjoy automated heater diagnostic monitoring and elite level customer support:

Accessories include the following items: Data Drive, Intelli-Watch, Heart Rate Monitor, and Running Sensor – along with access to and On-Care customer support:


Sunlighten Intelli-WatchThis is the lynchpin of your bio-feedback accessories.  It calculates heart rate, calories burned, length of session and it even tells time!  This watch can be used inside the sauna to communicate with the built-in LCD interface, or outside of the sauna with the Running Sensor.

Heart-Rate Monitor

Sunlighten Heart Rate MonitorThe cushioned narrow belt comfortably straps around your chest to track your heart rate increase while you relax in your Sunlighten sauna.  You’ll receive a passive cardio workout as your core temperature increases… and with the dilation of your blood vessels, your blood pressure will simultaneously decrease.

Running Sensor

Sunlighten Running SensorThere’s a reason we changed our name from Sunlight Saunas. You can now integrate your out-of-sauna workouts with your sauna sessions.  This digital pedometer affixes to your shoe and communicates with the Intelli-Watch, tracking speed and distance when walking or running.

Data Drive

Sunlighten Data DriveSimilar to a thumb drive, this plugs into your computer and wirelessly receives heart rate & calorie expenditure from your sauna sessions anytime your watch is within 10 feet of it. It then uploads the data to your profile on our wellness website,


Bamboo Charcoal Products

Sunlighten™ introduces the Bamboo Charcoal fiber towel which is super absorbent, super compact, super soft, and super easy to clean. Can be used in your Sunlighten™ Saunas to help maintain quality. Wrap yourself in soft, absorbent Bamboo Charcoal fiber during your sauna session or after a shower. An elastic top and adjustable closure make for pure comfort and privacy.

Bamboo-Carbon towels are not only exceptionally soft and luxurious; they also have unique characteristics that are beneficial both inside and outside your sauna.

  • Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and deodorizing
  • Emit 91% of infrared rays for full exposure
  • Block up to 98% of UV rays when used in the sun
  • Highly absorbent for water and sweat
What is Bamboo Carbon?

Bamboo-Carbon fiber is made with selected four-year-old bamboo which air dried, then charred at 800ºC.  Ground into fine nanoparticles, it is added into extruded synthetic fibers to create yarn and then woven into fabric. Because of the structure and composition of bamboo, Bamboo Carbon has a high surface area and a variety of minerals that give the unique attributes of odor absorption, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, excellent absorbency and infrared emission. This combination makes it great for use within your sauna, and for daily bath use.


How is Bamboo Carbon deodorizing?

This eco-friendly fabric has an extremely porous structure and provides minerals to absorb moisture, prevent bacteria growth, reduce odor, and disrupt the spread of germs and fungi.

What colors is Bamboo Carbon available in?

To keep its natural properties, all Bamboo Carbon products are the natural gray color of the fiber.  No dyes or bleaches are used.

Does Bamboo Carbon lose its properties after washing?

During the manufacturing process, Bamboo Carbon nanoparticles are disbursed inside the fibers rather than on their surface. Therefore, Bamboo Carbon products are washable without diminishing the effectiveness.


Sauna Water-Resistant Covers

Sunlighten cover
No room indoors?  We’ve got you covered.  SunlightenTM water-resistant canvas covers are perfect for the great outdoors. They keep your sauna protected year round AND your lifetime warranty intact for outdoor use.

Natural Sauna Cleaning Kit

Sunlighten cleaning kit
Natural cleaners made specifically for use with your sauna.
Our Glass & Sauna Cleaners:

  • Are 100% Natural
  • List All Ingredients
  • Use Plant-Based Surfactants
  • Are Safe On Delicate Surfaces
  • Use Recyclable Packaging

Additionally, our sauna cleaner is:

  • Fragrance-Free
  • Concentrated to Produce 16 Gallons of Cleaner