The Sunlighten™ Difference

Superior Product Quality, Technology & Customer Service.

Purchasing a sauna, like making any major investment, is an important decision.  We have taken the time, effort, and consideration in researching every aspect of our custom-built saunas to best meet the needs of our customers.  With 100% quality-controlled manufacturing, we are able to offer and support the best-value product on the market.  Knowing that your sauna may be with you for a lifetime; we have designed our models to stand the test of time.  As such, a long & healthy relationship is something we desire from all of our customers & clients.

  • Endorsed by more Doctors and Health Experts over any other sauna brand.
  • Full electrical certification for safety and exceptional performance.
  • Quality products backed by dedicated customer service and a 7-year residential warranty.
  • Consumes approximately 20% of the energy of a conventional sauna.
  • Sweat analysis; clinically proven to sweat out more environmental toxins per session (up to x7 more) than any commercial sauna on the market.
  • Award-winning products for innovation and style.
  • 10 distinct & clinically proven health benefits.
  • Certified Ecofriendly: Low electric consumption and FSC (sustainably forested) wood options.
  • Simple and quick to assemble and install (most models can be assembled in less than an hour) and can be used immediately.
  • The only sauna technology scientifically tested to sustain and maintain the far-infrared frequency for maximum health benefits.
  • A trusted name that is a leader in the Infrared Sauna industry.
  • In business since 1999.
  • Beautiful and finely crafted cabins in a variety of wood choices that will compliment any home gym or Spa.
  • The only commercially-approved sauna on the market.
  • The only sauna clinically proven to raise body temperature for a guaranteed deep sweat.
  • Superior products with patented designs & 100% quality control.
  • Preferred vendor of over 2,000 commercial facilities world-wide.
  • No plumbing required.
  • No maintenance needed.
  • Comes equipped with inside and outside control panels, soft lights, backrests, and a quality Blaupunkt sound system for maximum comfort and enjoyment.
The Infrared VS Traditional difference: Sunlighten™ offers the world’s most comfortable sweat ever! Sunlighten’s infrared saunas operate at much lower heat temperatures, but because of the infrared heat technology, they enable profuse sweating whilst allowing you to be in a gentle, enjoyable, and breathable environment – for longer periods (than a conventional dry or humid sauna).