Sunlighten™ for your Business

mPulse-Conquer-fitnessWhy choose Sunlighten for your business?

As the leader in our industry, we offer the only true commercial infrared sauna solution. We will work to understand your business needs to support your success. Not only will we get you the right product, but we will also support you after the sale. No other sauna company can say the same.

SunlightenTM Experience
  • Preferred vendor of over 2,000 commercial facilities world-wide
  • Recommended by more health professionals over any other
  • Revenue generating referral/partnership opportunities
  • Access to world class marketing materials
SunlightenTM Quality
  • Built to commercially-rated wiring & electrical specifications
  • Specifically designed to handle continuous operation (Others max out at 90 min.)
  • 100% thicker wood than any other infrared sauna
  • Clinically-backed heaters with benefits including weight loss, detoxification, and heart health
Return on Investment

We understand that return on investment is critical when adding new equipment to your business. That is why a SunlightenTM sauna makes perfect sense for any business model! It is a low-cost investment that immediately generates revenue.

For Example: mPULSE Con­quer
Per Session │ $20 for a 40-minute Session (60 min gross)

Daily Ses­sionsRevenue / DayRevenue / WeekRevenue / MonthRevenue / YearROI Time Weeks
2 sessions$40.00$280.00$1,200.00$14,400.0028.4 weeks
4 sessions$80.00$560.00$2,400.00$28,800.0014.2 weeks
6 sessions$120.00$840.00$3,600.00$43,200.009.5 weeks
8 sessions$160.00$1,120.00$4,800.00$57,600.007.1 weeks

Marketing Support

We want to help you generate the most revenue possible with your SunlightenTM sauna. The key is to educate your clients and staff on the clinically-proven health benefits of our infrared technology. We will give you access to world-class marketing materials for staff and client education. Including:

  • Image library
  • Brochures
  • Signage
  • Web banners
  • Videos
Need more information, time to get a Sunlighten Sauna for your Business call us at +(502) 4549 0099 we are here to help you!