What is Emotional Wellbeing

Wellbeing with DavidE

Emotional WellbeingHow we cope with our problems, feel about ourselves and perform in life is directly related to our emotional wellbeing. When we don’t deal with our emotions; stress depression anger grief physical problems can manifest themselves.

Everyone faces challenges, problems and stress, but how we deal with these factors can make a significant difference to our long term health and wellbeing. Many times we find that at the root of our problems is how we were taught to deal with our emotions as children. Often we were taught to suppress our feelings. Anger, grief, fear and shame are rarely addressed during formative years. But often it is not just negative feelings that are suppressed, but positive ones as well. As a result, we are ill equipped to deal with upheavals and challenges as adults. Though we may believe that by suppressing our emotions we are controlling them, it is in fact our emotions that end up controlling us.

Every time that we fail to give our true feelings a place and completely express them, an energy blockage is created in our bodies. Over time, these blockages leave us feeling burdened and enervated and can even turn into physical problems and disease. Over time, we unconsciously create a pattern of suppression that can even cause biochemical changes in our cells.

At Santé, we can support your journey back to emotional health. Through a combination of counseling, emotional release bodywork therapy, energy work and nutrition, we will help you to focus on your priorities, helping you to take responsibility for what you do and feel, and also help to increase your capacity to deal with all that life has to offer. Through our work, we can help you to start responding instead of reacting and to shift from being afraid of your emotions, to embracing & respecting them.

Our Life Transforming programs can lead you to a place where you are free to be yourself and live the life you always wanted.