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Frequencies Of Brilliance Stage One - Certification Course - Guatemala July 2017July 5th – 18th, 2017
La Antigua, Guatemala
Certification Course 

With Alisa Logan & David Elron

What are the Frequencies of Brilliance?

The Frequencies of Brilliance, is a potent, sacred process with unlimited potential for healing and spiritual expansion. The work has assisted many individuals world-wide in healing serious physical, mental and emotional problems. It is a multi-dimensional process the reconnects us to our natural heritage: radiant health, deep peace and spiritual wisdom. Receiving the Frequencies of Brilliance awakens us to a closer relationship with our divine aspect. The results of this union manifest in all areas of our lives, changing relationships, old patterns of perception and behavior, as well as clearing many forms of illness. This is an evolutional work. It presence and act of Grace.

How is it used?

The Frequencies of Brilliance is performed by a practitioner, using a gentle touch on or just above the physical body. The technique activates a series of energetic, dimensional doorways. As each doorway is opened, new levels of the Divine Self are anchored into the cells of the body. The Frequencies of Brilliance has a unique capacity to contribute to the healing of brain disorders such as cerebral palsy, stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, and autism. The process is a powerful energetic tool that works in conjunction with western medicine. For those on a spiritual path this work offers a profound ally when working towards a deeper experience of Truth.

An Initiation into Your Own Light

The Frequencies of Brilliance certification course will initiate you to embody higher frequencies and share the work, as a practitioner, with clients in private sessions. The thirteen-day experience is a deep process that may well be one of the most transformational journeys this lifetime. It is an initiation into a way of living-of being-that will continue to expand long after the course has ended. The first ten days of this residential course are one continuous initiation process. Through daily demonstration and practicum, encounters with sacred geometry in meditation and group process, you will integrate the fourth and fifth dimensional energies into your body. There will be a day of rest on the sixth day of the course. This initiation is deep and intense, involving all aspects; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is a Divinely orchestrated journey back to the heart. The final three days of the course are devoted to practice and practical issues in preparation for the application of actual sessions.
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