The Best Vegan Milkshake Ever!

Hello ,hello to everyone and good morning to you all!

Coconut Lemon Vanilla Milkshake

How is your morning today?  Ours here at Santé has been wonderful.

The weather here in Antigua is glorious and on the image on the right you can see the Amazing Vegan Milkshake we just had – we call it our Luscious Lemon vanilla cream Milkshake (vegan of course!) This has become our morning breakfast ritual – AMAZING!!!

So while this Amazing shake is still in our tummies we just had to share it with you because it’s so tasty and so good for you!!!

Without further ado,  here is the recipe for you:

The Best Vegan Lemon Vanilla Cream Milkshake – EVER!

(Serves 2 BIG Servings)

  • Fresh Coconut water
  • Coconut meat from 2 mature coconuts
  • 4 tablespoons of Chia seeds
  • 2 frozen bananas
  • Juice from 4 lemons
  • A dash of natural vanilla essence
    Place it all in your Blendtec  & blend it all up for the creamiest, yummiest, nutritionally rich, energizing and health promoting milkshake on the planet!

I hope you will enjoy it -as much as we do, and as Amber said “this is so good, I could have 3 of these in a row…” Well I am not sure if she can have 3 of them in a row because this milkshake is so filling and nutritionally dense, but hey, she is allowed to dream… 😉